Our specialized staff, composed of writers and producers of long career, will help you find the precise musical path for production. In Violeta Music we are happy to contribute thefundamental seasoning to work and we are proud that we provide with our soundtracks, the highest musical standard and original invariably an artistic identity.

Whether for commercial, corporate video, or short – or film, Violeta Music use the meansnecessary for achieving musical satisfaction: since the implementation of symphony orchestras to the recording session players in our studies, and the use of complex technology tip and the latest sample libraries.



  • Original Music

    At Violeta we take joy in contributing that special ingredient that will spice up your work. We take pride in being able to deliver music composed to the highest quality standards.
  • Audio - Post

    Our service includes: voice casting, acting, dubbing, sound effects, foley and final mix.
  • Sound Design

    With the help of cutting edge technology and new working techniques, we create an entire sound world tailored to the needs of your productions.