Violeta Music

Who we are


We are a creative team that produces and composes music for the world in a wide range of business such as advertising, television and films.
Driven by passion, our achievements go beyond wining a prize every now and then. Looks nice and feels good, but for us, working with people it´s all about values. Our greatest achievement is to maintain enthusiasm, ductility and that unique handmade touch that makes the real difference.
We have worked with many top brands in a global scale, and still, every Project is different, it´s a different challenge. We work a lot, but still have lots of fun doing what we love most: music.

What We Do

Yes, we are what we do. Cheesy but true. We like to play seriously to get only the better results,
the original solution of design.
We cant make it rain, yet… but if it have sound, we are your people!